CATT marketing funnel is the way that you can apply it for every kind of business. You just need to understand your business behavior and then use it accordingly. You can apply this for affiliate marketing, services, courses, products, and other kinds of businesses. 

Understanding the CATT marketing funnel and how it works is very important for a successful business. But like I said before it works differently for each business with different plans. 

In this blog, we will learn what is CATT marketing funnel and how to generate leads for your business.

Why Use the CATT Marketing funnel for your Business?

It has the potential to convert your visitors into customers in very simple ways. It simplifies your marketing journey and makes it easier for you to follow. Whatever kind of business you are in every business needs a marketing funnel. It helps you to connect with your customers at every stage of their customer journey. 

The best part of the CATT Marketing funnel is analytics. It helps you to understand when you are losing customers which makes you realize that you have to improve your strategy. You will understand whether your product or service needs improvement or the marketing strategy. 

What is the CATT marketing funnel?

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. It’s each step has its own value to bring you great ROI for your business.


For any marketing, strategy content is the main part. You create content for your audience to let them know about your brand. With this, you can describe your product or services to people. Your content can be in any form blogs, ebooks, webinars, social media, and other channels. The main purpose of creating content is to tell the target audience that you are providing solutions to their problems. So they visit you to check the solution that you have for them.

Basically, you are marketing your content to generate leads, to let them subscribe to your channel. For Content Marketing you can use it anyways whether it is a PPC campaign or you want to go with organic SEO.


When you are ready with the content now you need an audience to show it. So how and where do you find them? If you choose the organic process then SEO and Social Media will help you but if you go with paid ads then Google ads and Facebook ads will help you in this. 

Before going to start a campaign for lead generation you need to identify your audience first who will give attention to your content. Target those people who are interested in your brand and tell them to subscribe to your email list, follow on social media, and you can even retarget them with paid ads.


Why do you think anyone wants to buy your products or services? There are so many options in the market to choose but you want people will buy your stuff only. So after getting first attention, you need to keep popping up in front of them to make them realize you are in the market. You can get them with remarketing and tell them to subscribe to your email list. These repetitive engagements can tell them you are constant and can solve their problem.


A great marketing strategy requires the right approach at a right time. That means when your people started trusting you then you can ask them to buy your products or services. But don’t think they trust you so that they can buy anything from you. You have to present a genuine offer in front of them and give them the solution they want. 

What Tools do you require for Marketing Funnel?

Email marketing and PPC Ads play a crucial part in creating your marketing funnel, CATT marketing funnel totally depends on both of them. But How do you manage all these data while managing a marketing funnel?

For the sales funnel generally you need to manage three things landing page, follow-up emails, and payment gateway. 

So first you need to choose a nice email marketing software that is perfect for your business. You can even have free software for small businesses. If you just started a business then go for free software so you can use it and practice it and become used to it. ConverKit and Mailchimp are the best Email marketing software with many free features.

Second, a landing page is the most important thing for a marketing funnel. It is the first thing that your audience will see and then subscribe to your news later. That is why your landing page needs to be attractive and mobile-friendly too. Most email marketing software has pre-built landing pages and you can even make these landing pages through coding. But it will cost you much so choose those email marketing software that has a pre-build landing page.

The third thing is a Payment gateway, the last stage of your marketing funnel is a transaction. So for secure payment, you need to have a secure and trusted payment gateway. While choosing it check its transaction fee and availability in your region. Payment gateways like stripe and PayPal are the best at the current time.

Is Marketing Funnel Important?

You can use the PPC campaign to sell services and products and get more ROI from this you need to create a marketing funnel. So can convert your website visitors into customers who have visited from the PPC campaign. The best way to market your products or services is to use integrated marketing that contains PPC campaigns, Email Marketing, SEO, and SMM. And you have performed at once for a better result.