Google’s algorithm always aims to give its users original and high-quality content. Example content with E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. AI can generate good quality informative content and fit into the google algorithm. But it depends on how you use the AI-generated content.

In short, Google does not care who or what writes your content unless that content is written to solve the problems of searchers and it’s not used to manipulate the search result.

In the latest Google update, Google said, “it’s important to recognize that not all use of automation, including AI generation, is spam. Automation has long been used to generate helpful content, such as sports scores, weather forecasts, and transcripts. AI has the ability to power new levels of expression and creativity and to serve as a critical tool to help people create great content for the web. This is in line with how we’ve always thought about empowering people with new technologies”

That means the appropriate use of AI or Chat GPT is not against its guideline.

What is AI-generated Content?

When you write content using any kind of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is AI-generated content. It is generated through technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). The AI-generated content can be in any form including text, images, videos, and audio.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT

There are many other AI tools that were popular before Chat GPT that create AI-generated content for you. But now Chat GPT is in the limelight because of its ability to generate human-like text responses based on the input it receives. Chat GPT’s responses are typically accurate and coherent, and it is able to generate text that is grammatically correct and makes logical sense. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including chatbots, language translation, content creation, and more. Even Chat GPT can generate SEO-optimized content for you, it is advanced.

The question is whether it is able to generate content within the Google algorithm for the long term.

From my point of view, you can not use the Chat GPT in the long run to create content. There is the possibility that it can generate similar or even identical responses that can make your website spammy. Chat GPT tells us its answer depends on our input but what if you and your computers put the same input to generate content for your website?

It is a helpful tool to research and get the answer you want but doesn’t use it to copy and paste. I used the Chat GPT while writing this blog but I didn’t copy any of its content I used it to do the research so I can provide you the informative data that can help you. And if my content can help you to answer your question and it defines that it is trustworthy that means my content is according to Google algorithm and that is what matters to me.

Can AI-generated Content Took Over Content Writers?

It was the biggest fear of many content writers. Chat GPT content can be useful in generating drafts or ideas. Content writers bring a human touch and creativity to the content that AI cannot replicate.

Human writers bring a unique touch to create engaging content that a particular audience like to read. They understand their audience better than any AI tool. Content writers know what their audience wants to read, and how they will understand a particular topic. And AI content is limited by the data and created by the machine that is trained.

In conclusion, Chat GPT can boost your speed to write content because you research the data to use it. The best way to use this tool is to combine the strength of AI-generated content and humane writers. So you can generate high-quality content for your audience.

The Verdict

Using AI-generated content is not against google’s policies. But don’t publish it as it is, so optimize it and give in some of your input such as your experience and expertise. Use them to only create important parts of your content such as research and statics. Create high-quality content for your users. In the upcoming time, we can not say anything but now AI cannot replace a human writer.