What I like the most about Social media advertising is, that it helps us choose our target audience in a very filtered way. Facebook Pixel helps you to reach the right audience for your business to get more and more conversions in your business. 

In February 2022 Facebook pixel changed its name to Meta Pixel. 

If you are a business owner and want to promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, You must understand what Facebook pixel(Mets Pixel) is and how you can use it for your Business.


The Topics we will discuss in this Article

What is Facebook Pixel(Meta Pixel)

Facebook Pixel Setup

Why you should use the Facebook pixel?


What is Facebook Pixel(Meta Pixel)

It helps gather data from your website like what kind of people visiting your site and what is their interest, and so on. These kinds of data help to target your audience to get more conversion and great ROI for your business.

Facebook pixel
Facebook Pixel(Meta Pixel)

To set up Facebook pixel you have embed code like google analytics that you have to place on your website’s every page. It helps you to gather data for your Facebook ads campaign. It optimizes ads and builds your target audience for your upcoming ads campaign. You can also use its data to remarket to people who already visited your website before.

Google analytics has the same feature but when it comes to running Facebook ads campaigns, It takes your ads to the right audience.


Facebook Pixel Setup

To run the conversion-optimized ad, you first need to set up the Facebook pixel on your website to get to work.

1. Get Facebook Pixel Code

To get the Facebook pixel code go to your business Suite/Manager and click on the Events manager. In your Events Manager, click  Connect to data sources, in the left sidebar. Select Web and Click Connect to the next step.

Facebook pixel setup, Connect data source
Source: Facebook Events Manager

Connect website activity using Facebook Pixel. Add details, name your pixel and enter your website URL then click Next.

Facebook pixel setup-Check for partner integration

Now select a connection method that is Pixel only and click Next.

Facebook pixel setup-choose how to connect your website
Source: Facebook Events Manager

2. Install the Facebook pixel code to your website

There are a few ways to install the Pixel code on your website. If your website is on Facebook’s integration partners then choose the option. From this method, you don’t have to install any code.

If you know How to put some code on your website pages or you have a developer then choose Manually add Pixel code to website.

Facebook pixel setup-website activity using pixel
Source: Facebook Events Manager

Copy code from the Green button.

Facebook pixel setup-install base code
Source: Facebook Events Manager

Paste the code into the header section on your website. Make sure to put that code just above the </head> tag then back to Facebook and click continue.

Choose if you want to use Automatic advanced matching. Select the information that you want to collect from your audience and send it to Facebook. It will get you the conversion more accurate. Now click continue.

Facebook pixel setup-Advanced matching
Source: Facebook Events Manager

3 Set up Facebook Pixel events

After setting up the code on your website now it’s time to set up your Facebook pixel event.

With the help of these events, you can track the actions of your website.

You will get 2 options to set up the event, either you can set up the meta pixel event manually or via the event setup tool.

  1. To set the event, click the open Event setup tool button.
Facebook pixel setup-create event
Source: Facebook Events Manager

2. Select the Facebook pixel ID, then click setting and scroll down to the open event setup tool.

Facebook pixel setup-open event setup tool

3. Now enter your website URL and click on an open website.

Source: Facebook Events Manager

Facebook will give you options to choose suggested events, then select Confirm or Dismiss them, and at last click on the Finish button.


Check whether your Facebook pixel is working or not

After all this work, installing the Pixel, and setting up the event I am sure you don’t want it to not work properly. The Facebook pixel helper will help you with it.

Add Facebook pixel helper extension to your google chrome browser. Facebook pixel helper was only for the chrome browser before but now it’s also available for Microsoft Edge so if you want to use it, either you need to have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in your system.

Source: Chrome Web Store

It will help you to check whether your Pixel is working or not. If your Meta Pixel is not working you will find it in no time.


How to check?

After installing it go to your website. Check if the extension icon color is blue? And it’s showing active meta pixels on the website like the image below. Also, match your installed pixel helper’s Id with the Event manager Id.

After clicking on the extension icon the pop window will open. If your pixel is not working properly a notification will appear.

Source: Facebook Pixel Helper

If you get any warning notification you can troubleshoot it on the event manager.

You can also use the Facebook Diagnostic Tool to check your Pixel status by going to the Diagnostic tab in Event Manager.


Add a notice to your website

Now you are all done and started collecting the data from your website but you can’t miss the very important term for your website users, their privacy.

While collecting the data of your website visitors you have to tell them, that you are collecting their information by using cookies or some other method.

You will get more details in the 3rd point of Facebook Business tools terms


Why you should use the Pixel?

If you are a person who is reading this article to set up his/her Facebook pixel so do right away after finishing it. It will take some time to gather data for your first Facebook Ad.


Increase the ROI

If your Ad is set up with the help of gathered data from Pixel, means your ad will reach your desired audience and it will increase your ad campaign conversion rate to get more ROI.


Conversion Tracking

It will help you to measure the performance of your ad so you can improve the performance of your next campaign.

Conversion tracking will tell you, where exactly your data is coming from. It tracks who is converting to your ads. from that data it targets more people just like them so your ad campaign can perform better and better.


Create Lookalike like the audience

It provides us with one more option to create a Lookalike audience. It builds more audience that is the same as that audience has already visited your website.

A lookalike audience is created based on their similar like, interest, and demographic.


Use Facebook remarketing

We are all aware of remarketing. If you are still thinking about what is remarketing, let me give you a quick explanation. When you visit any shopping website, scroll some clothing or other products and you add a product into the cart or you add it to your wishlist but you didn’t purchase it. The next time you open your phone, you will see those products through ads. Those ads can be anywhere, like on social platforms or they can appear as native ads. Facebook ads library is a very helpful tool to spy on your competitors Facebook ads use it for your 

Source: Facebook.com

This is all called remarketing ads. From these ads, you can remind your customers to purchase the products that they have in their carts.

The pixel will help you to so your ads to those people who already visited your website.



By Just installing Facebook Pixel on your website you can reach your target audience in no time.

Pixel collects data from your website to set up your ad campaign to take your ads to the right audience and get more ROI.



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