Do you know what is search engine optimization(SEO)? Of course, that is why you are here to learn more about it. I also want you to learn the importance of social media backlinks in SEO.

Link building helps you to increase your ranking on Google search results which is why it is one of the most important for an SEO expert. There are different ways where you can earn Backlinks for your web page and social media is also one of them. 

Let’s learn what is backlinks but if you already know about them then please bear with me with this. 

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link that comes from another website to yours.

The most important two things that you have to focus on before creating backlinks are:

  • Relevance 
  • Authority 

Google always tries to serve the best to its users so it will consider these two factors to boost its ranking. Readers will like relevant content that can satisfy their requirements. Providing them with exactly what they want can make you one step from the ladder of ranking. 

This is not all, Google considers other factors too such as authority. Authority of that website from where your backlinks are coming from. 

Nowadays people use “Feeler” Emails and Linkedin pitches. There is so less chance of conversion which is why people start buying backlinks that have a big budget for search engine optimization. These are the options to build backlinks for your website but not the only option.

So let’s learn how to build relevant and authoritative links for the web page to boost SEO. 

Ways you Build Backlinks Through Social Media

To build backlinks for your website social media is one of the easiest ways to start with. It gives you high-quality links that can improve your website ranking for sure. Social media backlinks are not pointless because they are nofollow because they play their own roles to improve your website ranking. Pasting your link on social media can drive traffic to the website. Social media gives you an audience that can boost your traffic. 

Social media is the third most effective way to build links. Let’s have a look at the ways we can use to build backlinks. 

Social Media Profiles

It doesn’t matter how many profiles you have one and more, you need to update them from time to time. Put your website link where they ask you to fill it. If you have already done this process then keep checking on them if they are working.  

Social media profile details
Social media backlinks

There are a few types of profiles you have on social media

  • Personal profile
  • Business Profile
  • Pages
  • Groups 

In your profile, you can put your website links 

  • Put the link on your profiles/page about tab
  • You can add it to your business profile’s contact info 
  • You can put a link in your group description 

Check all your social media pages, groups, and profile then add the link on them. Make your website link visible to your visitorsa so they can link to your website and find work. Make sure your website is all set up so those visitors can smoothly go through your website.

Social Media Posts

The more you share your content on social media, the more its ranking increases. Yes, you can add links to your social media posts, but not all social media platforms allow you to add a link to the post. You can add links to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest posts. When posting something on your feed, especially those posts that are public just add your website link to it.  

Social Media post
Social media backlinks

There are a few types of posts you can share with the website URL

  • All Your Personal Profile & Page Posts
  • Your Profile & Cover Photo Descriptions
  • Group Pinned Posts

Pages Button

On many social media pages, you have a button that works as a call to action for your visitors. Edit these buttons to drive traffic to your website. 

Facebook page button
Social media backlinks

When visitors visit your page there is a high chance that he/she is taking interest in your work. Lour them to your website with the right call to action button.

Twitter website field

Twitter website link in bio
Social media backlinks

When you create a Twitter page, make sure to add your website to the process to get a clickable link. Other than profile details and posts 

Add Comments To Online Discussions

I know it can be spammer for you but if you do it in the right way then you gain from it. Dropping a link with helpful content that is part of the discussion can get you to follow the link for your website. There are many sites like Reddit where you can get involved in the debate. 

Video Streaming Sites

Any video streaming platform like Youtube can add your website links in many ways. Such as you add the link in your youtube about section and in the description of the video you will post. Apart from Youtube, you have many other video streaming platforms such as Twitch and Periscope so you can your links here as well.

Quora Answers

Quora answers

Quora is the platform where people go find answers to their questions. Write answers to those questions that are related to your website niche and add links to them. These links going to long last even after years but also be aware of the spam. Quora have some restrictions for including a link in the answer. Like other social media profiles, you add the website in the description by hyperlink. 


Instagram gives you not many but a few options to add links and the first link you can add by editing your Instagram profile. After filling username and bio you get an option to add a link to add your website link there and save it. 

You can also add links to your Instagram stories although these links are not permanent they still help you to drive traffic to your website.

These are some common ways that you can use to build backlinks through social media. Apart from these popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram you have many more that can use to increase social media backlinks for your website. 

Social Media Platforms to build Backlinks 

Here is a list of platforms where you can get backlinks to increase your ranking on Google search results.

  • Digg
  • Flickr
  • Kirtsy
  • LinkedIn
  • Current
  • PostonFire
  • BloggingZoom
  • CoRank
  • Technorati
  • MyBlogLog
  • Bumpze
  • LinkaGoGo
  • Bibsonomy
  • Mister-Wong
  • MyLinkVault
  • ClipClip


Driving traffic to your website can improve your website ranking as well so it doesn’t matter whether you building nofillow links or dofollow links. Most social media platform gives you nofollow links but they drive traffic to your website. Use social media to build your authority on google and then go for other ways to build backlinks. 

You can post shareable content like an infographic and podcasts. Drive attention to your social media profile will automatically increase traffic on your website.