Content is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. There are many types of content that we use to reach our potential customers. Why are you creating this content, and for whom are you creating this content, there are many other questions you need to ask yourself to create content that your audience gonna love it. Creating good content is not enough for your business, you have to make sure your content is reaching the right audience. Your efforts are worth it if the content is getting seen by people who are your potential leads for your business. That is why Marketing your content in the right way is vital. 

Before learning about content marketing let’s know the basics, What is content and its types?

What is Content and its types?

content marketing types

Content is the way to communicate with your audience, an audience that might be interested in your products and services. You create content to reach those people and attract them to your brand by creating different content. 

A term we have here is effective content so what is effective content? No need to panic about this it’s just a term that we use for those content that understandable by your audience and gives your conversion. To create compelling content you need to know a few things. 

This is the important part when you create effective content. 

  • What you are communicating?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Who are the people you want to reach

You need to ask yourself these questions before creating content for your audience.

Just focus on solving the problem of your audience. 

Types of Content

Your audience wants the information that provides to them as content. But in which form does your audience want to see the content? There are many types of content that you use to promote your brand such as: 

Blog posts 


Social media content



Video content


Case studies


What is Content Marketing

What is content marketing

It is something where you reach the right people for your business with the right content. And the process of getting those right people is called content marketing. 

Nowadays people are more intelligent than before, they do a lot of research before buying anything. You need to reach them naturally and provide the solution that they are looking for. So you planned, created the content, and published it, now what? Here comes content marketing. Now the most important part is the distribution, where are you sharing the content? Where do you think your audience lingers the most on which platform? There is the various channel to post your content such as social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, print publications, and more.

Content marketing creates more awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty to your brand in the market.  

Why Content Marketing is important

We all know marketing is essential if you have a business. Marketing generates more leads for your business. 

Here I have several points to prove “Content Marketing is Important”

  • The very first step of Content Marketing is to create quality content. It creates a positive impact on your visitors and bonds them to come back. 
  • It attracts more potential audiences to your social media account rather than random followers who are not even your customers.
  • When you show your content to your audience at the right place and at the right time it improves your Brand image and audience trust.
  • Through content marketing, you generate more leads.
  • When you regularly post high-quality content and do its SEO you are more likely to rank on search results.
  • To let people know about your Brand the most effective way is content marketing. Yes, Content marketing builds Brand awareness.  
  • It builds a loyal fans army who do mouth marketing for you. The people who interact with content regularly and find it useful will recommend you to others. 

Types of Content Marketing

There are many types of content marketing types you just need to find out which is best for your business. These are the most common and effective marketing:

Social Media Content Marketing

Social media infographic

It’s easy to understand why we do content marketing on social media. It has 3.6 billion global users. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more can market your content there. You can create content on these platforms in many ways and attract audiences related to your business.  

The best part of social media marketing is you got the chance to create various content for your audience. You can create videos, informative graphics, and more.

Infographic Content Marketing

Infographic content marketing

Infographics are the most powerful content to attract an audience because in this you provide information that they are seeking. It creates with few clear heading, short sentences, and images. Through this, you can communicate with the audience and solve their problem. 

Blog Content Marketing

Blog content marketing

The blog is the most effective way to attract the audience to your website with its informative content. With blogs, you can promote your product or services by providing informative content related to that product and services. And can add links to your product or services in those content. In blogs, you use many keywords related to your business and rank those blogs on a google search by adding internal linking and providing social sharing options to your audience. 

When you make an effort to create your blogs, I am 100% sure your readers will find your content useful. And when users find it useful they will create links to their pages and it increases your backlink profile with visibility on google.

Podcast Content Marketing 

Podcast content marketing

Every content marketing way always sticks around solving your audience’s problem. A podcast is a new form of content marketing that comes recently into the limelight. Most people don’t like reading printed words but they are interested in seeing or listening to two people’s conversations related to topics that can give them information.

After knowing the importance of podcasts most businesses started podcast content marketing. Apple’s iTunes app just crossed 1 billion subscriptions for podcasts which means you make some business with podcast content marketing.

Video Content Marketing 

Video marketing

To market your video content you have YouTube, Youtube is the second largest search engine. When people want to know about something so their first option is Google and the second option is Youtube. 87% of Businesses use video as a marketing tool for good engagement.  Most consumers prefer to know about any product and service through video. For example, if I like a car model and want to buy it. I will search for its reviews with video so I can learn about that car and its brand before making the purchase.

Nowadays we have short video platforms that are very engaging so you can choose them as well to reach your audience.

Google Ads Content Marketing

Google ads marketing

Google ads are the shortest way to reach your audience but to create an engaging ad you need to plan a strategy. The best part of Google ads is you can put your search result ranking as you wish. Create you add content so people can’t ignore it, and try to work with the CATT marketing funnel to convert the leads that you collected through Google ads into customers.  

Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

As I mentioned before, content marketing is the strategy that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing your valuable content to the audience that can bring you business. Most of the time business owners create content but don’t know how to market it. 

Make sure your content didn’t become just some printed letters on your website, it has to be posted with a great content strategy. We have a few tips that you need to understand for better content marketing.

Plan your Content 

Make sure your content has a clear goal, and decide what you want to lead from that content. Whether you want to generate leads, increase traffic, or want Brand awareness. on your website, you need to plan it before creating content. Make sure your content attracts the audience to your business and for this, you have to under your audience.

Know your Audience

While creating content you need to understand your audience, who are they, and what they want. Find your audience according to their search behavior on the internet and demographically. They understand your audience’s requirements what they are looking for, and what can solve their problem. After all this, you create content for them.

Content Distribution 

You created great content, what if no one finds your content? Finding the platforms where you can post your content is very important. Your work is to find where your audience lingers all lote. There are so many platforms to post your content such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. For example, if you are posting a tutorial video then YouTube and your Website is the best option for you. Use hight searched keywords and specific descriptions that your users gonna get it immediately. 

Analyze and Improve

For any marketing strategy, you have to analyze your previous work and make improvements to grow more. Analytics tells you what you are getting in return for the efforts that you put in content marketing so far. 

For social media analytics, they have an inbuilt analytics system and for your website, you have google webmaster tools that will give your a true picture of your efforts.


Content marketing is all about those people who are reading or watching your content. Successful content marketing is when you can make the audience feel that they gained something through your content. I also hope you gained something through this article of mine and that you find it useful. 

I write this article for you who wants to read about Content Marketing. And describe it with the proper keywords that you are searching for to solve your problem.