Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest ways of marketing where you can directly talk to your customers. Nowadays, we have many shiny social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc. But still, Email marketing is the most used and cost-effective channel with over 4 million people. Email Marketing is the most essential part of integrated marketing and if you are not doing it that means you are not making the profit that you can.

If you want to learn about Email Marketing then stick to this blog.

Email marketing campaigns
Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is sending emails related to your business to your subscribers, those who permit you to send them your commercial updates.

Through it, you can directly communicate with your customers and tell them about your products and services or provides them with some useful information. It’s all about trust-building, you need to build trust with your customers so they can buy your products or services and for this Email Marketing helps you.

Types of Emails

Promotional Emails

Promotional email template
Promotional Emails

You can let your customers know about your special offers, new product releases, etc that can promote your business. Promotional emails always have a clear call-to-action ( CTA ). It depends on you what action you want from your subscriber whether it is buying your product or visiting your website.

Informational Emails

Informational email template
Informational Emails

I hope you are well aware of word Newsletters, this is what an informational email is. This is not something that your audience can get tired of. Yes, this is the whole purpose of the informational email, keeping your audience updated about products, and giving them shareable information related to your niche.

Tip: Not to push a call-to-action in it.

Re-Engagement Emails

Re-engagement email template
Re-Engagement Emails

From the name, you can understand the purpose of this email. In your Email Marketing proses, you will have so many audiences who haven’t opened your email in months this is the effort that you have to do to make them back an active audience.

Why Email Marketing is Important

Email Marketing is not new to us. It is the very first way to communicate digitally in back 1971. You can think of it as an old marketing tactic but it’s one of the most used marketing strategies even today.

You must be thinking then what about social media marketing? Yes, social media marketing is also effective, but email marketing has its benefits. Okay, let’s think this way if you want to signup for a social media platform what do you need? Phone no or email, most people like to create social media accounts with email. 

There are approx  4.26 billion Email users worldwide and is counting. 96% of consumers check their email every day.

Missing out on this marketing strategy for your business can be a little careless though.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Before I described the importance of email marketing now I will tell you, how it is beneficial for your business. There are three major benefits of email marketing:

Brand Awareness

When you send emails to your subscribers that means they will get interacted with your Brand whether they see it in a notification or they opened your email. Your emails tell people about your brand and its benefits.

It’s a one-to-one interaction with your audience.

Your subscribers are your subscribers 

unlike other social media platforms in email marketing, your audience is yours and your posted content is yours. It’s not like if that platform sooner or later gets closed then your content and your followers will also get vanished.

Customer loyalty

These days people did not permit you to get into their inbox but if they did that means they are trusting you somewhere. It builds an audience who trusts you and your brand. After this, it’s your responsibility to not break their trust in your brand.

How Email Marketing Works

If you have no idea where to te start? Let me help you with it. An email has a few factors that you have to do step by step, don,t freak out it doesn’t,t means it’s complicated once you understand the process it will become easy.

So it’s done in 6 steps:

1. Choose the right email marketing software

To send emails to your audience you need an email services provider. Its software will help you manage your email marketing campaigns. You must be thinking can’t you do it by yourself like you are sending emails till now, yes you can do that but there are many factors that you can’t do it by a regular inbox provider like sending emails to a wide audience, optimizing their behavior, what is your open rate, etc.

Free Email Marketing tools

In marketing, we have many email marketing that provides free but limited access to their services. You can give them a try and find the best email marketing software for your business.

free tools for email marketing

2. Growing Your Email List

Email list
Email list

So if you want to send some emails out in the world to promote your business then first you need to build your audience list. 

To do email marketing you need to build your big email marketing list with active subscribers. 

ESPs provide you a subscription form to embed in your website so when someone fills that form, an email gets added to your list. 

If your website getting traffic and you are not converting them into your customers then you are making the wrong decision. Create a form that can convert them into your leads and make them interested in your products or services.

3. How to Create a Subscription Form that Converts

Subscription form template
Convertkit subscription form template

While creating it you need to provide them with some value for free. Create your lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that you create for your audience so they can easily give you their information. It can be anything:

A coupon


A Webinar

Free trials

A cheat sheet of tips 

There are many more other options out there if you are willing to find out more.

If you want to convert more leads then you’ll need to catch the attention of your visitors as fast as you can. The first thing you have to makes your form stand out from the other content.

You don’t need to be a designer to create one if your website is one WordPress your install some plugins like Optin Form the is for free or you can use the form that email service providers give you. 

Make sure to offer them something valuable that they can’t refuse it. I am not talking about something big to offer you can just offer something they need.

4. Set up a welcome email for new subscribers

When someone subscribes to your form send them a welcome email. Make them feel like they matter to you they are a part of this community. 

It’s an automated email that is sent to new subscribers. It is important because the whole idea of email marketing is building a relationship so they can trust you and get to know more about your brand. Sending them some discount code, and any latest news in a welcome email will make this happen.

5. Define the goal of your email marketing campaign

Like every other marketing campaign, you need to decide your goals first, what do you want from this campaign? 

It can be anything like Promoting your product or services, Getting more people for your online course, or Sharing discounts with your customers.

You need a specific goal so you can get a good result from the campaign 

6. Build responsive emails

Always remember your visitors uses the different-different device, mobile phone, tablet, and desktop. Make sure your emails and your subscription form are responsive. Don’t worry you don’t need to hire an email designer for this until you have a small budget. A designer will stand out from the crowd but you can use your email service provider’s templates that are press build you just have to do some editing in it.

Make it eye-catchy but don’t just hang up on it. Focus on your brand concept, make it as your subscribers understand your brand with just one look. Highlight the benefits that they going to receive in return to subscribe to your brand.

What Email Marketing Service Is Best?

Nowadays we have many email service providers in the market who provide excellent services with many features. But how are you going to find the best one for you? There are several questions you can ask yourself before choosing an email marketing service.

Easy to use the visual editor

Can you build an email template by yourself? An easy-to-use visual editor can help you to build your email template without coding. If you are investing your money in something I am sure you want a hassle-free service so can easily set up your campaign.

Different campaign types

Is your email services provider giving you options for email templates? The service needs to sport different campaign types like a Promotional template, a regular newsletter, etc.

Easy to use email marketing templates
Convertkit ready-to-use templates

Subscription form

Is that email marketing platform giving you options so you can create your subscription form?  Creating a subscription form by yourself will help you describe to your audience your business.

Marketing Automation

Whether your business needs big automation or small, marketing automation is one of the most required features in email marketing software. So you can build an automated campaign.

Email Delivery

If a service provider is not able to pass through your emails from a spam filter, there is no good to buy their service.

Performance reporting

Are you getting a detailed report about your campaign? It’s important to monitor your campaign performance deeply.


Are they have support? Having an email support team will help you while you are new to this.

Personalized Email Marketing with Segmentation

Breaking your email list into small groups based on some specific criteria is called email segmentation. This process is important to increase your campaign productivity.

Here are some criteria to break your subscribers:

New Subscribers: 

You can not mix your old subscribers with new ones because of obvious reasons. With your new subscribers, you have to start from the beginning but your other subscribers must be between or somewhere in the journey of the CATT funnel.

If you want your subscriber’s trust and their conversion you must know what the CATT funnel framework is?


Location is one of the most important criteria for segmentation. It depends on your products and services and what you can provide them according to their location.

Open rate:

I am sure you are not planning to treat all of your subscribers the same. Keep those separate who open your all emails and become your loyal customer so you can reward them with discounts and offers 


You need to remind them to engage with your content so they can get rewards

Improving Your Email Open Rates

You wouldn’t get any benefit if your subscribers are not opening your emails. Let me explain some factors that can improve your email open rate.

  1. Remove inactive subscribers to keep your list fresh
  2. Send them at a perfect time
  3. Make your email easy to understand
  4. Write one to one message 
  5. Create Quality-based content 
  6. Optimize your content from the phone


This was the basic information about email marketing there are so many more to explain apart from this I hope you like this article and understand what I described in it. Start your email marketing campaign today because it plays the most important part in Digital marketing.