What exactly Marketing is?

Due to the pandemic, many businesses are using online platforms, and because of this Digital Marketing has bosts up so fast in passed 2 years. More than one digital marketing agency comes into the market every day, and competition is getting thicker day by day in this field. Because of it, most of the competitors are tacking digital marketing as a battle with other competitors, and that is why the idea of real marketing is getting faded constantly so, in this article, I am going to describe what exactly marketing is and what is the idea behind a successful business. how they gain the trust of a lead so that Lead becomes their all-time customer. 

The topics we will discuss in this article

The Fundamentals of marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

CATT Marketing Funnel

Integrated Digital Marketing

Personal Branding

“Marketing is not a battle, and it’s not a war or even a contest”

— Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

Sometimes we misinterpret what marketing is. We think, we have to reach more leads as we can and tell them about our product or services and convert them into our regular customers, that’s all. Yes, we have to do all these things, but an effective kind of way is where we have to understand our customers’ requirements and then tell them about our products to solve their problems according to their needs.

For an effective kind of marketing, we have to understand about fundamentals of marketing.

What is real marketing
Fundamentals of marketing


Its depends on four things: ProductPricePromotion, and Place. Every step has there own importance and its sufficient to understand how marketing works.


Create a worth buying product that not everyone but a few people get help from and want to recommend to others. Remember your product is more important than marketing because when your product is invented in a great way that will sell itself. Do not make a product according to your need, make it according to your customers’ needs.


Do some market analysis and competitive research so you can get an idea of your product’s market value, try to understand what your customers are willing to pay but don’t price your product too low because you invest in making this product for profit. And most important don’t forget to add all taxes to the cost price.


Either you create a product before thinking about your customers or you understand your customers’ needs and then create a product that satisfies your customers. Build a story that fits your product like how your customers can get benefit from your service and tell them you care about their needs. At the last spread these stories into the market.


You can not sell your product to everyone in this world and if you are thinking of doing this then stop because you can not change everyone’s perception of your product on this planet. Define your niche by just asking some simple questions to yourself (“What it is for” and “Who is it for”). There are several platforms where you will get your leads according to your niche. Is your product need to sell in a particular location if yes then find your niche according to that location. Chose those marketing platforms where you will find your niche easily.

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing


It’s not like we are using it from the start. we all know when there were no social media platforms and there were no tools. Still, we used to do marketing.

What differentiates digital marketing and traditional marketing is their platforms, while traditional marketing uses traditional media like Newspaper, Magzine, and TV commercials, digital marketing uses social media platforms or websites. Of course, traditional marketing is not in limelight nowadays but it still plays an important role to promote your products or services. In traditional marketing TV commercials are one of the very effective ways. In the same way, Digital marketing is also important as traditional marketing. Through digital marketing, you can reach your leads on their phone, laptop, and tablet. If your lead finds your product on google and that time he/she just checked that product or service and gets back to his/her work, digital marketing gives us a chance where we can show that products or services ads to that lead who searched about your products or services before.

For an effective market campaign, you have to set the right balance between digital and traditional marketing.

What is CATT marketing funnel


It stands for:

C: Content

A: Attention

T: Trust

T: Transact framework

If you want to generate potential leads, those leads who will trust you and buy your products and services then you must understand the CATT marketing funnel framework. you can apply this framework to almost every type of business you can think of ( Brand building, Affiliate Marketing, Products, Services, etc). so, let’s talk about the CATT framework


So, we all know for generating leads first we have to make content, content that matches your business and tells your leads that you are here for helping them. That content work here as a lead magnet and this lead magnet attracts your potential leads who are related to your niche.


Once your content or lead magnet is ready you have to drive attention to your lead magnet so you will get a list of your potential leads. For driving attention to your lead magnet you can do this either organically or use paid ads.


building trust with your customers is a very important step in this framework. you will never buy a product from a random person whom you don’t know but on other hand, you will buy products from a person who already gained your trust. you can build trust with your customers by providing them with valuable content or retargeting ads.


Now we are at the last step of this framework where your lead invests in your product. Keep in mind your all leads will not go to buy your product although you build trust with all of them. You just have to understand when your lead is ready for the transaction.

What is integrated digital marketing
Integrated marketing


When each campaign and approach complement the other. it’s a well-defined plan. In integrated digital marketing we market our products on all channels that our customers use. If you are thinking to perform your website’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization) but do nothing about SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and other strategies, this will not take your business up. Digital Marketing gives you better results when you are doing everything in the right way.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

All these above methods have their importance to promote your brand but when you work on all these methods together to promote your product it gives a great boost to your business.

Personal Branding
Personal branding


You have to focus while building your brand, focus on finding your niche, and start learning those skills that are related to what service you are going to provide to your leads. Tell a story that your audience can engage with, you can spread your story through written content or videos. After that be consistent in your market, show up regularly and genuinely without getting demotivated. Maybe you will fail on your first try but don’t get disappointed and be consistent and learn from your failures. After you have developed your brand leave an impact on others and that impact has to be strong like you will get missed while you are not in the market.


I hope this helps you understand what real marketing is, understanding your customers and their requirements. Build trust in them for your brand. provide them relatable and genuine service, this is all we have to do. It is important for your business. So, understanding how to promote your business will make you successful in your work.

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